Great People

We surround ourselves with people who model integrity in everything they do. They are collaborative, passionate, and innovative in their approach to achieving exceptional results.

  • Embodies forthright honesty and unwavering integrity.

  • Exudes positive energy; always willing to jump in and help when needed.

  • Seeks opportunities to work with others to maximize successful outcomes.

  • Encourages and participates in open discussions and sharing of ideas.

Exceptional Service

We demonstrate our commitment to exceptional customer service by genuinely caring about people, seeking to understand their needs, and providing solutions that exceed expectations.

  • Keeps commitments and takes ownership of actions and results.

  • Provides timely, consistent, and meaningful information.

  • Shows compassion and empathy for others.

  • Focuses on finding a way rather than barriers.

Great Business

We achieve exceptional business results through maintaining an innovative approach, reflection and applying continuous learning, and being strategic about the opportunities we pursue.

  • Seeks opportunities that may contribute to achieving department/company goals.

  • Notices a good opportunity and brings it forward for review and consideration.

  • Acts or follows through on self-initiated ideas/opportunities that have department support.

  • Looks for innovative solutions to traditional obstacles.

Have Fun

We cultivate a positive environment, embrace teamwork, work well together, and have fun! We recognize, share, and celebrate the success we accomplish together.

  • Recognizes and acknowledges the success of others.

  • Encourages and genuinely appreciates the diverse perspectives of their colleagues.

  • Actively participates and contributes to group cooperation.

  • Demonstrates willingness to find humor in situations; makes work fun!

Sustainable Approach

We embrace our responsibility for evolving sustainable build environments that create socially connected places where people want to work, live, and enjoy life.

  • Acts with awareness of environmental sustainability.

  • Makes environmentally responsible choices whenever possible.

  • Selects eco-friendly goods and services; even when it may not be the least expensive option.

  • Looks for ways to reduce energy use and minimize waste