Holland Residential is now engaged in the management of 56 communities (17,093 units), including 11 projects under construction, with ancillary office and retail space in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Colorado. We consistently outperform our peers in revenue growth with our fully integrated operating platform that maximizes asset value, drives qualified demand, attracts high rent payers, and elevates tennant retention. This translates to a higher NOI and ultimately a higher asset value.

We do this by using a comprehensive five-point customer centric platform spanning aspirational marketing, state of the art data mining, superior point of sale execution, exceptional business intelligence and a streamlined administration platform.

Washington State is Holland’s largest region, which contains 29 apartment communities stretching from as far north as Everett and as far South Lacey with many communities in the Greater Seattle Metro region and three in Vancouver.

The California region consists of nine properties located in the Sacramento, Napa/Vallejo, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Maria markets. The Arizona region consists of six properties positioned in the Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix. Denver has 19 properties across the Denver Metro Area and surrounding cities. Finally, the Oregon region consists of 18 properties located in the Greater Portland Metro.

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